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The M.A.M. oven is a PREFABRICATED WOOD FIRED OVEN, made of VIBRATED REFRACTORY MATERIAL, and can be fitted with a gas burner.
  • It bakes in 2 and a half minutes at the most
  • It comes with peel, small baker's shovel, stand, brush and shutter. It can also be equipped with a tubular steel base.
  • No installation permission is required because this oven is prefabricated.
  • It is lit in just 15-20 minutes because the temperature remains almost unchanged compared to the evening before.
  • This oven allows you to bake pizzas in continuation with a minimum wood consumption thanks to its characteristic of maintaining its temperature.
  • The Export Oven can also be delivered disassembled together with its assembling manual.
  • The Export type oven has been sold for many years all over the world thanks to its high yield and its low purchasing and running costs which make it a leader in its field.