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The machine P2 Pleasure should be considered as a complete workshop meeting all production needs.
The standard version has single vat, automatic sheeter and ravioli unit; on request it can be supplied with double vat and with double vat and extruder that produces all kinds of short and long shapes of pasta simply by changing the die.
The ravioli unit, equipped with interchangeable moulds, is suitable for the production of pre-cut ravioli in a variety of different sizes and with different fillings.
The cutting unit produces tagliatelle in different widths, also with jagged edges, the cutting length is adjustable by a timer

    Super automatic, patented machine for the production of each kind of pasta.
    Extruded: spaghetti, maccheroni, fusilli, penne, ecc. and a lot of other kind of pasta (by changing the mould).
    Ravioli: it produces deatached ravioli of different forms by working with different stuffings with cheese, fish, meat, vegetables.
    Tagliatelle: it produces tagliatelle, dough for lasagne, quadrucci, tagliolini, ecc.
    With a rotating patented mould, it is possible select 4 kinds of pasta in different sizes, with adjustable thichness and lenght, under request different widths are available
    Futura Evolution is fitted with a single or double kneading basin and it is good for the production of middel quantities of stuffed pasta (ravioli, cannelloni, ecc) extruded (spaghetti, maccheroni, fusilli, penne, ecc.) tagliatelle and dough for lasagne. It is good for pasta shop, factories, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets.
    The simple construction allows an easy dismantling of the parts, for a simple and complete cleaning. All the parts getting in touch with pasta and stuffing are in stainless steel and materials suitables for food. All the functions are guided by mtoreducers of the kind with life lubrification.